Hello Team!

What next?

Work in teams, each team should collaborate and work on their respective projects together.

Why collaborate?

We believe collaboration enables us to push boundaries and envision distinct perspectives; a wider angle of influences and opinions is essential. This is crucial, especially in creative problem solving and innovation.

While doing this be open to smart as well as naive ideas, and explore the possibilities

Team formation criteria:

  • Team members from different sectors.
  • Try to avoid members whose target audience are in a similar sector.

5 bold steps vision canvas: Bolti Bandh

Here you can have Miro canvas view of the workshop we did. You can explore in the section pan around to observe. If you would like to see the live canvas click here.

Work on your Project!

You can print out the PDF version on to A1 or A2 and use sticky notes to capture your ideas, or you create your own on Miro. You can also use the Google Slides template we provided here. 

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